Ode to “A Bar at the Foilies-Bergere”

Ode to “A Bar at the Foilies-Bergere”

For some good reason this hand coloured tableau carte-de-visite photograph makes me think of Edouard Manet’s painting “A Bar at the Foilies-Bergere”, with the young bar maid staring into space. In that image, there is a moment of stillness.  For her it is a lull in business that allows her to disappear to everyone but the painter. And in this photograph, the moment is captured through the use of the champagne glass, which has been tilted all the way up, held still and awaiting that last drop of liquid to flow onto the tongue. That is the moment captured by the table after the party, the young woman cleaning up, finishing the last drop in a tall glass, a moment outside of time, where Manet’s subject perpetually lives.


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